The wheels on the cart go falling off, falling off, falling off....

Thanks to Emily Christie from FIT4MOM Twin Cities who wrote this awesome and inspiring blog!

Today, I taught a Stroller Strides class barefoot.

Take a second to let that sink in.

I got back from a trip last night at 9pm, solo with 2 kids, one of whom got sick on the plane before we even took off.

He has asthma, and we arrived at the airport with him in active asthma attack. Because of what is going on with TSA, the ticket agent basically told me that if we treated him before we went through security, we could miss our flight.

She was so amazing and ZIPPED us through security with nebulizer in tow and got us a ride to the gate, where the driver of the cart kicked a guy out of the seats with the outlet next to them so I could give my 3 year old his albuterol.

We all boarded and the door was closed, and I was sighing a breath of relief when we were alerted that our plane was 25th in line to take off. My son suddenly spiked a fever, and fell asleep. I woke him up to see if he could drink some water, and he promptly threw up. Those little bags? You have to be prepared for sudden weight or you might miss some. Yes, we were THAT family today.

#momlife, amirite?

This morning, I was feeling euphoric because all the stress I had been feeling for the previous few weeks building up to the trip was suddenly over.

My car is in the shop, so I didn't have my own car this morning, and had to find all my supplies before we took off, but no problem.

I got one of my kids on the bus, put together a class plan, got the stroller loaded up into my husband's car, packed snacks and toys for my son, including bubbles, and instead of grabbing my own shoes, packed 2 pairs for him.

When I showed up to teach class, I looked around, and realized that while I had brought my socks, I had NOT BROUGHT MY SHOES.

What was there to do but go ahead and teach barefoot?

What’s the point of all this?

Today, I’m holding myself up as an example to you to give yourself a little grace and just roll with the punches.

It COULD have gone this way instead: I show up with no shoes, panic, freak out, call off class and apologize to a bunch of women who took the time out of their day to get themselves and their children dressed, pack up their gear, and whatever they needed for the day, drive to a class, and then have that class not happen.

I’m incredibly lucky that it was 70 degrees and sunny out today, that I had a group of really wonderful clients who totally didn’t care, that I have the kind of job where I can get away with something so critical as shoes.

But here’s the REAL point.

No matter what is going on in your life, stress is going to pile up. As a mom, one little thing, like a kid puking and keeping you up all night is going to throw you off your game, and something crazy is going to happen.

One of the wheels will fall off your little life cart, and the more things you try to pile into the cart, the more is going to spill.

How can I so cheerful about all this? Everything that happened to me in the last 12 hours is better than only half catching puke in a paper bag surrounded by hundreds of really close strangers.

Today, I ask you to love yourself, spilled cart and all, and know that every one of us has a day where it all falls apart. But only you can be in charge of what you make of it.

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